The House of N_ is a content production studio at the intersection of film and technology, telling stories that connect to audiences in ways they never imagined.

We are a collective of contemporary filmmakers, artists, creative technologists, innovators, culturati, and tastemakers that are part of the WP Narrative_ family and share a DNA to create and inspire.

Our film production approach is modeled after Will Packer's success in the entertainment world, bringing creative people together to achieve unprecedented results. We support our directors intersecting them with writers and Hollywood talent when it suits the project. Our directors each follow their own creative trajectory, and we are a champion for their diverse voices and approaches in film, television, and branded content.

House of Narrative_ has extensive results driven experience in all aspects of next generation content production spanning video, experiential and technology - commercials, short+long form content, VR, AR, mobile, experience design, events, projection mapping, drones, social, IoE, and AI.

Let's tell a story.

We are collaborative, committed, and all in.

House of Narrative_

989 Sixth Avenue, 9th Floor NYC 10018

Tricia Clarke-Stone

Executive Producer

Aaron Royer

Executive Producer